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Adolescent rebellion and indifference is a part of life, but their actions will always speak louder than their words.

Previous to becoming a full-time Mom, Brenna ran a highly successful Child Therapy Private Practice.

This can sometimes create difficulties when parents feel that therapy is necessary.

Many parents would like to see their adolescent children well-adjusted, happy, successful and social.

The confidentiality of therapy is integral to success with teenagers.

I recently have had an influx of adolescents in my office and I have learned some valuable lessons about how to approach them in the most effective ways.

Teenagers have very distinct needs and do not really fit into either the almost-adult or still-a-child category.

) Teens do well with specific directives where they are able to complete a given task and then discuss it. They are at a sensitive age where their self-esteem and confidence is developing or sometimes non-existent.

I often use worksheets and creative projects to deal with emotions, family, friends and more. Any questions or activities that put them in a threatened position will yield defensive postures and difficult progress.

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That is a tall order for teens who are dealing with peer pressure, hormonal changes, academic expectations, parental ideals and their own self-discovery process, all simultaneously.

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