Vb net publish version not updating

Posted by / 11-Aug-2017 21:46

Vb net publish version not updating

That version number seems to be coming from It's a maximum of 65535 for each of the 4 values, but when using 1.0.* or 1.0.*.*, the Assembly Linker will use a coded timestamp (so it's not a simple auto-increment, and it can repeat! See my answer to this question for more links and details.

Lastly, you just need to call is Version OK() at the start of your app and in every few loops as needed to check for update.

This was worked fine for me on a local test application.

Edit: looks like some people have been getting the minimum required version to update, might want to look into their solutions.

The latest version of this topic can be found at How to: Manage Updates for a Click Once Application.

INCLUDE] applications can check for updates automatically or programmatically.

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In addition you can specify a minimum required version; that is, an update is installed if the user's version is lower than the required version.