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a nation-wide organization, with chapters in many cities, of domineering women that make their little boys sissies by raising them like little girls until they’re twelve years old, and are then getting the weekly female hormone injections and daily hormone pills leading up to their sexual reassignment surgery that will change their actual sex to female.

The basic form of the club activity and enjoyment is having their sissies take part in a little girl fashion contest held once every week, where all sissies have a turn in their prettiest dresses, bouffant slips, etc.

But he brightened up and smiled when he saw the two pretty women.

One look at Sweeney with his pencil-thin moustache and oily looking slicked black hair and Lilith sized him up as a pathetic little bureaucrat with an inflated ego.

The older pretty gal with her had a big pair of tits and looked like she’d also be a great roll in the hay.

But now he’d have to fill out “another one of those damn long reports” to send to the authorities in the state capital.

They placed their hands behind them and smoothed their dresses, petticoats and half-slips under them as they sat down opposite Sweeney at his desk.

Lilith looked him over with a critical eye: long blond hair like her own, a clear medium complexion also like her own, the rosy blush of youth on his cheeks, a slim youthful build, about four feet tall, and a cute face and smile.

Just sign this last page of the custody transfer form.” In a way, Sweeney hated to see the meeting almost over.

The younger woman was a snooty gal, but she was the first gorgeous looking woman to appear on his boring job in a year or more.

The horrible cheap polyester fabric that always gets pulls and a balling up of its fibers isn’t used for making clothes yet except as an insulating material for winter coats.

Nylon tricot (a French word, pronounced tree-ko) lingerie, having a silky feel and appearance to it, is now easily manufactured, and closely resembles expensive silk.

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“We received our confirmation of the Family Court order a few days ago.