Rules for dating my teenage daughter application

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Rules for dating my teenage daughter application

I'm still waiting for her to clean the bathroom that she messed up and I've been waiting for 3 weeks, I could go on and on.She never asks me how I'm doing, she will call me or come in my bedroom immediately talking about herself, I've said something to her a few times about this and how it makes me feel which resulted in her asking me, in a forced tone, how I'm doing a couple of times, and then moving quickly to herself.While my husband does the dishes and helps my mom on laundry (yes my husband is a fine, nice man) and I do the cooking, she still not satisfied.She accuses me of being a unlovable daughter, my bank breaks because I am giving them money from time to time even though I don't need to.With unsightly dental braces and a slightly wonky eye, I had such a loathing of the camera (and still do).‘And what they are all opting for is this slightly sexualised posing where perhaps they don’t always fully understand the broader implication.

What I discovered instead, was photo after photo of her pouting into a lens — often with one hand holding the camera at arm’s length, the other hand on her hip — in a pose far too suggestive for her tiny frame and tender years.

She is currently not working (summer break) but will do little or nothing around the house unless asked specifically that is begrudgingly done and no more.

I've emphasized that if she is not working she needs to contribute by doing housework, she said fine as long as she's not some sort of slave, she must be joking, I'm the one that feels like the slave, still she does nothing unless asked to and even when asked it's a toss up as to whether it will get done.

I need some input from those similiarly abused by their kids.

I have a disrespectful 20 y/o daughter in college that does not appreciate me, acts selfish, superior and rude toward me, especially when she gets angry.

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I do love her very much, but it's become so painfully clear that I've done too much and made too many excuses for her all her life, and she is spoiled and selfish and acts like she dislikes me.

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