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The very few who play Burglars at endgame now and wish to equip them usually go through the instances and raids with other classes, and then switch to their Burglar to bring them into the instance before the chests are opened, to have a chance for their loot.

While the game has more content, stability, and a playerbase that isn't drunk on launch drama, it can be overwhelming and even lonely to the latecomer who is just trying to figure out the basic ropes while everyone else is milling around at the Level Cap Country Club.

Often I see people asking whether it's "too late" to join an MMO, wondering if they're getting into a game that everyone else is getting out of, not to mention considering how long it might take to do meaningful content with those who have been around longer. It's been out for seven years, adding along the way numerous updates and systems, a free-to-play conversion, two classes, 50 more levels, a class overhaul, and five expansions.

A game that used to occupy a relatively small swath of Middle-earth is now an empire that stretches from the icy bays of the far north to the shoreline of southern Gondor.

Horn is buried in Mounds of Mundburg outside of Edoras in the book, Turbine decided that Halros would be buried there instead of Horn, but as Horn.

I know the Rangers are pretty useless in the game, but I am sure that Aragorn would be very uncomfortable with this happening and would have stopped it.

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