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Our guests indulge all their darkest desires here with no one judging them, rather they often try to out do each other.

I twist and thrash, trying to get my self free, as Brenda pulls the blanket off and stands back to look at me with the two helpers standing slightly behind her.Ella moves behind me on Gretchen’s command and I feel her small hands grab and pull my cheeks wide, groaning I fail to understand what she’s planning, I lean forward, slumped between the post as Brenda walks behind me, breathing hard I think its over.“SMACK” “AIEEEEEEEEEE” I scream in horrible pain as with skill Gretchen brings the cane down directly over my asshole, I twist and groan, my screams echo through the farm as she begins to work my ass over in earnest as I scream as I see a small crowd is gathering to watch, I shudder in horror and humiliation at being displayed naked, however that soon pales as pain consumes my body, my screams seem to go on forever as Brenda moves back in front of me and for what seems like an hour the two of them work me hard, to the delight of the crowd, who calls out encouragement “ come on, make those tits bounce harder, you can do better than that Brenda”.Oh good Ella’s back” I turn to see the petite brunette come up, carrying two bamboo canes, each two inches round, flexible as both Brenda and Gretchen expertly snap them in the air, as the they come around in front of me.“Welcome to Dark Horse Farms slut, I’m Brenda the head handler here and this is Gretchen, she is the handler for your stable.” I stand chained, spread wide between the two posts, looking wide eyed barely able to understand what’s going on.

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Let me explain, Dark Horse Farms is a very special farm, we offer only the finest human animals to our guests who enjoy, shall we say the darker more extreme pleasures.