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But he said the abuse reached a new low during the General Election when his 13 year-old son's teacher told his classmates to shun him because of his father's political beliefs.Mr Stewart, 68, is a former British Army officer who served in Northern Ireland and rose to become United Nations Commander during the Bosnian war.The father-of-six revealed the shocking incident during a parliamentary debate on the scale of abuse MPs have received.

The last of the Clinton campaign's 10 examples was one from last autumn when a weary Mr Obama told a crowd that 10,000 instead of 10 people had been killed by a tornado in Kansas.Her schedule showed she had no public engagements the day before her Washington speech and she spent the night in her Embassy Row home.The footage of the Tuzla visit juxtaposed with her recent comments played repeatedly on American television networks and was viewed hundreds of thousands of time on the video-sharing website You Tube.After training at Sandhurst he served in Northern Ireland during The Troubles, first as an intelligence officer and then a company commander.He was the Company commander in charge when 30 people - including 11 soldiers - were kilned when the Irish National Liberation Army planted a bomb disco in Ballykelly in 1982.

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Mr Stewart, who led troops in Northern Ireland and Bosnia before becoming the MP for Beckenham, said: 'It goes worse than that, it goes to children.'All my four children have been hassled by other kids in their local schools because of the job of their father.'There is little that can be done about that because they are children and my kids are robust enough to withstand it.

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