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A parliamentary report of 1777 recorded that the parishes' workhouse could accommodate 520 inmates.

St Giles and St George retained special parish status after the passing of the 1834 Poor Law Amendment Act and continued to administer its own poor relief arrangements.

Physically, many of them are as children, and require a diet adapted to early life.

We shall, however, on some future occasion resume this subject.

With regard to ventilation in all these wards, we have never seen worse; practically, it is nullified by the gratings opening into the chimneys and the rafter chambers amid-rooms, instead of directly communicating with the outer air.

The furniture of the wards, including bedsteads, beds, and bedding, was found very faulty.

It is really gratifying to turn from these subjects, of which in common honesty and truthfulness we are bound to speak in condemnation, to others of a more pleasing character.

The census of 1861 gives it a population of 54,076 inhabitants. The house was built for 850 paupers ; in times of pressure the number reaches over 900.

The workhouse in Endell Street continued in use, with the main addition being an infirmary erected in 1844 at the north side of Vinegar Lane as shown on the 1871 map below.

The map also identifies a men's yard at the north-east of the workhouse, a women's yard at the centre, a drying yard at the west, and a stone yard to the south. In July 1865, St Giles and St George was the subject of one of a series of articles in the medical journal This union is under a Local Act obtained in 1830, and is situated on the Bedford estate in a confined district between Drury-lane and Endell-street. The existing workhouse (with a north frontage) is a brick-built structure, consisting of various detached and connected erections, three or four stories high, in the form of a parallelogram, with the originally vacant space well covered and walled in, dating from 1727.

It was also noted that in in July 1728, the workhouse had a population of 238 inmates in 23 wards, containing a total of 157 Beds.

They were served by 14 nurses Nurses and 8 assistants.

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The mode of preparation appeared to be all that could be desired, save in some matters of detail to which we may take exception when we come to speak on this subject, and particularly on the dietary of the infirm.

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